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Teacher and Students in Science Class



Unique Needs

Families who choose to homeschool are on a unique journey of discovery and personal growth. There are endless opportunities for a rich homeschooling experience in Costa Rica, but there are unique challenges, too. Parents, of all homeschooling experience levels, benefit when given support, resources, and opportunities to problem-solve with other homeschooling parents and educators. Research shows that children need social opportunities; however, that can look many different ways. Not all children enjoy or benefit from socializing in large groups of same-age peers, but all children do benefit from regular socialization with other children in some way. JLC can support homeschooling parents and their children by providing a place for children to connect with others in a fun, play- and inquiry-based environment.

What we can offer...

We have an open-door policy for families to drop-in any day we're open. We also offer a regular flex program enrollment for families who are looking for scaffolded support. For example, if you would like two days per week for your own homeschool planning, you can bring your children to school two days per week while you organize. They will be getting to social benefits of a peer and near-peer community along with academic inquiry and hands-on learning, while you are able to get organized for your homeschooling plan. 

It is important to know that homeschooling is not legal for Costa Rican citizens. We offer accreditation as optional; if you are in need of shelter school enrollment (some US states require it as part of their homeschooling laws as well) you can find information about the specific program we use for accreditation here.

One of the challenges many homeschooling families face in Costa Rica is the lack of access to education resources in English (for example, English books and curricular resources). Joining JLC gives you access to our library, curriculum consulting, and our leveled digital text library.


JLC offers PD (professional development) for teachers in the area. Homeschooling parents are always welcome to participate (and request topics) to add more teaching tools to their toolkits!

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