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What is Reggio Amelia


  • Child-Centered: Emphasizes that children are capable, curious, and able to construct their own learning.

  • Inquiry-Based Learning: Encourages exploration, discovery, and project-based learning driven by children's interests.

  • Collaboration: Focuses on the collaboration between children, teachers, and parents. The community is deeply involved in the education process.

  • Environment as the Third Teacher: The classroom environment is carefully designed to be inviting, stimulating, and reflective of the children's learning.

  • Documentation: Detailed documentation of children's work and thought processes is a critical aspect. This includes photographs, videos, and portfolios.

Methods and Practices

  • Emergent Curriculum: Curriculum evolves based on children's interests and inquiries, allowing for more flexibility and responsiveness.

  • Atelier (Art Studio): Integrates art and creative expression into everyday learning, often with a dedicated space for exploration and creation.

  • Multiple Forms of Expression: Recognizes the "Hundred Languages of Children," encouraging various forms of expression such as drawing, sculpting, dramatic play, and writing.

  • Role of the Teacher: Teachers act as co-learners and guides rather than authoritative figures. They observe, document, and facilitate rather than direct.

  • Project-Based Learning: Children engage in long-term projects that can span days or months, diving deeply into topics of interest.


Teachers as Guides


Emergent Curriculum

Multiple Forms of Expression

Project Based

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