Stone Tower

Your donations help to fund our open community programs, sponsor tuition for students in need, and help grow our lending library.

If you would like your donation to fund something specific, please let us know and we'll direct your donation that way and send you an update so you can see how you impacted the community here!

Wish Lists

We always accept drop-in donations so if you live in town and you have something that you no longer need, we can give it a new home at our learning center or with a family in need. 

Here is our current wishlist of things we're hoping to add to our school:

  • Spanish language books

  • Crafting materials

  • Art supplies

  • Rock climbing holds for a backyard rock wall

  • Basketball hoop

  • Climbing structure

  • Shade sails for the backyard for use during hot season

  • More bench seating for our outdoor garden space

  • Reliable analog wall clocks for our classrooms

Project Playhouse!

We really want an all-weather, outdoor playhouse for the kids. Are you interested in donating to fund this project? Please reach out to us with monetary or material donations.

UPDATE! We are scheduled to start construction

on our playhouse this June!