Accreditation Options

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our accreditation partner

We offer optional school accreditation through West River Academy, a private school network based in the United States, that enrolls students in international programs like ours all over the world. Transcripts are recognized in the United States and other Hague Convention member countries, including Costa Rica. It is important to know that they must be apostilled in order to be useful in the Costa Rican school system.

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costs associated


Enrolling in the optional accreditation system through our accreditation partner is an additional cost: $375. per family annually (additional children in the same family are discounted at $50/child).


Records Management & Processing
At JLC, we will maintain your child's records and submit all of your required materials for you with a $50. fee.


At the end of the school year, if you would like a copy of your transcripts with an Apostille stamp (so they are recognized internationally), you can order and ship them here for $165. ($80 for ordering and $85 for Apostille and shipping).

Total Costs

The sum of all fees for accredited transcripts is $590 per year (or you can spread your accreditation fee across the school year using the payment plan of $55 per month).

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support for you

Deciding whether you need to purchase accreditation or not is a personal decision that each family needs to decide based on their particular circumstance. It is essential that each family do their research in their child's citizenship country to determine what the laws are regarding their child's schooling. We are happy to help you think through the accreditation decision -- just let us know you're thinking about it.