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Nurturing Young
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Located in Jacó, Costa Rica, our Learning Center is dedicated to providing equitable education to students aged 4-14. We utilize both Reggio Amelia and Project Based learning styles to achieve this goal.

Inquiry Based Learning

Would you like your childto experience an enrichingalternative educationthat fosters creativityand confidence in problem-solving?

Building confidence in problem solving can be achieved through multifaceted learning styles while utilizing a standard curriculum from the United States. At Jacó Learning Center, we use a child-centered approach where our teachers are the guides helping foster creativity, innovation, curiosity and exploration. 

Reggio Amelia

Tech, engineering, art, mathematics

Physical education

English Language Arts

SOcial, emotional learning

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Social studies + culture

Physical Education
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Core Values at JLC

Approaches You Will Love


High Quality Teachers + Emphasis on Community Involvement

Employing high-quality teachers is crucial for fostering a nurturing and effective learning environment. These educators bring expertise, passion, and innovative teaching methods to the classroom, ensuring that each child's individual needs and interests are met.


We Promote Diversity and Inclusivity

Inclusivity and diversity are foundational pillars of a thriving school community. Embracing a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities enriches the educational experience for all students. By fostering an environment where every student feels valued and respected, schools can cultivate empathy, understanding, and collaboration.


Reggio Amelia + Project Based Learning Approaches

The Reggio Emilia approach and alternative education settings are characterized by flexibility, a child-centered focus, and an emphasis on exploration and collaboration. These approaches differ significantly from traditional models, which are typically more structured and teacher-centered. 


Promote Neurodiverse Environments

Supporting neurodiverse students is essential for creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment. By recognizing and valuing the unique strengths and challenges of neurodiverse learners, educators can implement tailored strategies that promote their academic and personal growth. This includes providing individualized support, utilizing varied teaching methods, and creating sensory-friendly spaces. Encouraging open communication and collaboration among teachers, parents, and students ensures that neurodiverse learners receive the necessary resources and accommodations.

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Our Programs

We offer options for kids ages 4-14.

Project Based


Our full-day (8:30-2:30), bilingual, early childhood program for children ages 5 follows a Reggio-inspired approach, focused on social-emotional growth & development. Students also begin early literacy and numeracy learning in preparation for grade 1.

Elementary School

Elementary School

Our full-day (8:30-2:30), elementary and middle school programs are for children ages 6-14 in grades 1st through 8th grade. We use a multi-age Responsive Classroom Approach that tailors instruction to your child's development and readiness to achieve standards mastery.

Middle School

Middle School

Our full-day (8:30-2:30), elementary and middle school programs are for children ages 6-14 in grades 1st through 8th grade. We use a multi-age Responsive Classroom Approach that tailors instruction to your child's development and readiness to achieve standards mastery.

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Benefits of Non-Traditional Learning:

If you're feeling lost with the various learning methods available, especially if you're new to this style of learning, check out this academic study from 2018. It highlights the advantages of teaching the Reggio Amelia Approach.

"Estoy muy contenta de formar parte de la familia JLC. Para mi lo más importante es la atención que le brindan a cada uno de los niños y su manera en que cada uno de ellos aprenden, por medio de las diferentes experiencias que ofrece cada profesor. Mi hija disfruta mucho de su escuela y ella está muy feliz de estar en este espacio que le ofrece tantas oportunidades de aprender. Agradezco mucho a cada profesor por la semillita que planta en mi hija para hacerla crecer tanto emocional como académicamente! Y también a la directora que siempre está tan pendiente de todo! Enamorada de nuestra escuelita!"
- Cecilia, madre de una niña de trecer grado

Choosing Jaco Learning Center (JLC), as our daughter's first school experience into our new Costa Rican life, was an essential decision we made for her educational journey. 


From the first day we arrived at the school, we felt welcomed and our daughter found herself immersed in a community that celebrated both academic excellence and individuality.


The dedicated teaching and administrative staff at JLC are wonderful mentors, guiding each student towards their full potential with patience and care. Our daughter thrives under their guidance and encouragement, discovering not only her strengths but also her passions. 


What truly sets JLC apart, is its commitment to holistic development. Beyond academics, our daughter has access to a rich variety of extracurricular activities, allowing her to explore new interests and develop essential life skills.


As a family, transitioning into a new, beautiful and multicultural community in Costa Rica, it was important to us to find a school that values inclusivity. JLC ensures that every student feels valued and supported, regardless of their background or abilities. It is a place where diversity is celebrated and where friendships are formed that we hope last a lifetime.


As parents, we are immensely grateful for the transformative experiences JLC provides for our daughter. She is emerging as a confident, compassionate individual ready to take on the world, and we have JLC to thank for continuing laying the foundation of her success."

-Alina, mother of a 2nd grade student  

"The individualized attention and innovative teaching methods at this learning center have made a huge difference for our child. We're grateful for the positive and inclusive community

JLC's created."


Jaco Learning Center always has its doors open.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our academics, events, students, staff or anything else.
We are a teacher-administered school so our response times vary depending on our calendar and the time of day.

We thank you for your patience.

Puntarenas Province, Jaco, Costa Rica

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