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After School Enrichment

These are programs we are extreme proud of! Our students love participating after school. Each club does cost additional money outside of registration and normal tuition fees. 


West African Dance Club

Celebrates and promotes the rich dance traditions of West Africa. Members learn and practice energetic, rhythmic dances that are integral to West African culture, often performed to the beat of traditional instruments like the djembe. The Club offers a communal space for participants to explore different styles such as Yoruba, Manding, and Ewe dances, while also providing a fun and engaging way to connect with cultural heritage and foster community spirit. 

Image by Randy Fath

Chess Club

Open to all skill level- players to gather and play, learn, and enjoy chess. The Club provides a supportive environment for improving gameplay, fostering critical thinking, and building camaraderie among players who share a passion for chess. 

Image by James Lee

Spanish Club

Focusing on the exploration and celebration of Spanish language and culture. The Club provides a social environment for individuals to improve their language skills, appreciate diverse cultures, and connect with others who share an interest in the Spanish-speaking world. 

Image by Tamara Gak

Drama Club

A creative space for individuals to explore and develop acting. The Club fosters teamwork, boosts confidence, and enhances communication skills while offering an enjoyable outlet for self-expression and artistic exploration. 

Image by Wan San Yip

Physical Education (PE) Club

Focuses on promoting fitness, health, and wellness among its members through various physical activities and sports. This Club emphasizes the importance of teamwork, discipline, and overall physical well-being, making it an excellent platform for improving fitness and building social connections. 

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